Triplets In Paradise was created to share with the world the fun and chaos of a life with Triplets growing up on the Gold coast in Australia. By sharing our ideas and experiences we hope to help others to enjoy their families as much as we enjoy ours.

The Trio are well past the toddler stage now and are all doing well at school. Even though I haven’t created any new posts in a while, I’ve kept this website active because I know how much it has been appreciated by other Multi-mums as they embark on their journey into the realms of parenting Multiples.

***I have decided to allow some advertising on this site in the hope that it will help to cover some of the costs involved with keeping the website live.***

I am only one of many, many, thousands of Multiple Mums out there, and each and every one of them has a very special role to play.

Next time you bump into a SuperMulti-Mum while you’re out shopping or on the school run, don’t tell her that she’s “got her hands full” or “rather you than me”.

Tell her what a great job she’s doing as a SuperMulti-Mum!!


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