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Crayola washable fingerpaints

Those of you who have been following us for a while will know how much we love being creative, whether it’s with chalks on our awesome chalkboards that Dad made, decorating homemade biscuits or creating fingerpaint masterpieces. Six hands can create a lot of paintings but they can also create a whole lot of mess, […]

Christmas In Paradise

Christmas morning started early in our house. 4am may sound ridiculously early to most people but our house is usually buzzing with activity by 4:30 am at the moment anyway. (I’m pretty sure that the kookaburras are waking the children up) Alita needed some help from Loki to get into this present. Mikey & Loki […]

Fun with Family Flash cards

As Alita, Loki & Michael rapidly approach their 2nd birthday I am repeatedly blown away by the number of new words that they come out with every day. I’ve been intending to create some flash cards to encourage this learning process for a while now and today I finally got around to making some. I […]

Time for a hair cut

Those of you that have been following us recently may have noticed that the boys hair is in desperate need of a trim.  I’ve become quite comfortable with cutting all those finger and toe nails but there’s no way that I’m about to try my hand at kids hair cutting. Thankfully a quick call to […]

Christmas cookies for Miss Emma & Miss Shannon

Today was Alita, Loki & Michaels Christmas party at Day care so We decided to bake some Christmas cookies for Miss Emma & Miss Shannon.   Tip: remember to wash everyone’s hands before you start, have everything you need close to hand and have plenty of extra utensils so that everyone always has something to hold […]

Christmas is coming

It’s December already, another year has slipped away and my beautiful babies are now almost 2 years old. A visit to any shopping centre at the moment reveals a Christmas tradition that I hadn’t really taken any notice of before having children. Parents queue for what must feel like hours with their increasingly bored & […]