Archives for May 2014

Toddlers and technology

From a very early age (long before their first birthday) the trio have been obsessed with the iPad and iPhone. I’ve always taken advantage of this and used it as a form of entertainment while we’re on the road. When we flew to the UK we loaded our iPads up with kids Apps, movies, Baby […]

Haircuts in paradise

When the boys started to have trouble seeing out from behind their lovely blond hair I decided that it was time for a haircut. In the past I’ve always called the lovely Kylie to come to the house and cut their hair but as Kylie isn’t cutting hair any more I did a bit of […]

Project: Gardening in Paradise

I’m a great believer in getting the children involved with making their own food, mainly to help to inspire them to try new things. Taking this theory a step further our latest project is to “grow our food from seeds” and now that the days are a bit cooler its a perfect opportunity to get […]