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5 Reasons why Hamilton Island is a great place to holiday with kids.

If you read my last post you will know that a lot of thought went into choosing where we would take our 2.5 year old Triplets on holiday. Thankfully it all paid off and we managed to find a great balance of fun time with the kids and relaxing time for Mum and Dad on Hamilton Island.

Here are 5 reasons why it worked:

1: You fly directly to the Island – no boat transfers to worry about.

When we landed at Hamilton Island, before we picked up our bags we walked a few meters to the reception area for our accommodation. One of the staff went with Alan to pick up our bags while I waited with the trio in the reception area. After filling in a couple of the usual forms we were given our keys and told we could leave our bags for the porters to deliver to our room. We walked to the next door along to pick up our buggy (which was included with our apartment). We strapped everyone in and off we went.
I probably don’t need to tell you how excited the kids were to be riding on a buggy!

Toddler triplets on Golf buggy with Dad

2: The Clownfish Club.

The resort has a kids club called The Clownfish club. We purchased a weekly pass which allowed all 3 kids to go for 4 x 3 hour sessions and one full day. The girls at the club were lovely and very welcoming and there seemed to be plenty to entertain the kids both inside and outside. Each time we picked the kids up we were given a report card detailing food, sleeps, nappies, activities etc. as well as any pictures or crafts that they’d made during their stay. Each time we dropped them off we struggled to get away without at least one of them crying, but when we returned to pick them up it was obvious that they’d had a great time.

2 girls from Clownfish club staff holding 2 toddlers

3: The Nanny service

The Clownfish club also offers a nanny service where one of the girls will come and stay with the kids in your accommodation while you go out for the evening. We booked this for one of our nights and we were pleased that it was one of the girls that the kids had already spent time with who came to baby sit. It’s very rare that we get to go for a night out together so this was a real treat for us.

head shot of Mum and Dad smiling with bottle of Crorona

4: The endless opportunities to swim and play.

The day we arrived there was a huge bouncy castle set up near the beach and several kids activities were going on under a marquee next to it. This was the first of many times that Alita had her face painted during our stay.
There are pools all over the resort and Catseye beach is a lovely safe place to take the kids for a swim in the sea (but don’t forget to check if it’s Irukandji season). Add to this all the opportunities to build sand castles and look for shells and stones on the beach and the lovely little Pirate themed park around the corner from the Clownfish club and we had no trouble keeping the trio entertained during our stay.

toddler girl having her face painted

sillohette of Dad with 2 toddlers paddling in the sea

dad in swimming pool with toddler boys wearing water wings

2 toddler boys climbing on a kids climing frame shaped like a pirates ship.

5: Kids Eat Free menu’s.

As you would expect, eating out at the resort is quite expensive and it is also very limited. This is one area that was a little disappointing to us. We used to live and work on the Island several years ago and most of the places that we loved to eat are no longer there. The menu’s at most of the restaurants are very limited and not that appealing.
Our apartment was well equipped and we had no problem making some of our meals for ourselves and we also got a take away from the Fish and Chip shop on one of the nights.
Having said all that, there are a few restaurants on the Island that allow kids under 12 years old to eat free which makes eating out as a family a lot more realistic.
One of the places that Kids can eat free is at the Wildlife park where they serve Breakfast with the Koala’s.
This was a huge hit with our three who love meeting any animals, especially cute furry ones!

dad holding a toddler girl up high to see a koala in the tree

dad holding identical toddler boys to see a koala in a tree

So there it is, we did the research beforehand, we found the right place and we had an awesome holiday with our Three Terrible Two’s oops, Three Little Angels!

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From the pictures of your cute kids, I have no doubt that you had a lot of fun in your family trip. I have been trying to plan a similar trip with my family for quite some time; I would be going on a trip to The Lake District next week, I have already reserved a hotel in the city with the help of Great Little Breaks. I would be driving myself to The Lake City, as it is only 80 miles from my home in Liverpool, and I want to enjoy the entire driving time with my family.

Hi team triplets,
Am so wrapped you had a great time! Makes my job so worthwhile when my customers have an amazing time.. perfect mix of kids fun & quality time out for mum & dad. Yay!
Kind regards
Marie @ Escape Travel Helensvale

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