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The Five Superpowers of a Mother of Triplets.

I know that its been a while since I’ve shared my thoughts with you all, the truth is that life can really get quite hectic when there are 3 rapidly growing personalities in the house constantly pushing for my attention. I’ve been meaning to make more of an effort to start writing again and when an e-mail landed in my inbox suggesting that I take up the “7 Days to Rediscover your Blogging Groove Challenge”, well, I thought why not.

Day ones challenge is to write a list post, and what better way to start than with a list of the Super Powers that I have gained since becoming a mother of Triplets, so here we go:


1: Stretch

O.K. so i can’t actually stretch my arms or legs like the Mum from The incredibles, but you would not believe how far my body stretched to accomodate three babies at the same time. During the last month of my pregnancy I couldn’t physically turn over in bed, I had to get out of the bed walk around to the other side and get back in facing the other way.

2: Time control.

This starts to kick in from day one. How do you feed 3 babies at the same time? How do you get everything that you need into the car (including 3 babies) and then get it all out again at the other end and still be on time for your 9am appointment? Who knows how I managed to fit so many tasks into a limited amount of time (and remember everything) I guess it’s one of those things that just has to happen or we would never have left the house.

3: Super Hearing.

Very early on I discovered that I could start to distinguish the different cries of each baby from another room. Then as the babies grew into toddlers and started to talk I began to develop the ability to listen to 3 stories at the same time and follow what is actually being said without my head exploding…….I’m hoping that this ability completes the development process soon or I may be in trouble.

4: Deflect negativity

There are only so many times that you can endure a PTTT (Public Triple Toddler Tantrum) before you start to develop a very thick skin. This kicked in at the stage when I had started experimenting with leaving the Triple pram at home, the stage when I had three very mobile toddlers on my hands. If a meltdown started I needed to do something about it ASAP because if I ended up with all 3 refusing to walk in the direction I needed to go there really wasn’t much I could do other than grab all three and sit down with them and hope it didn’t take too long for them to calm down. If I was at all worried about what other people might think of the spectacle at this stage I would never have set foot outside the front door.

5: Super Strength

When the babies were tiny it just wasn’t an option to pick all 3 up at the same time for fear of dropping or squashing someone, but as they became less delicate and my confidence grew I started to carry 2 at the same time and then before I knew it I found myself with one baby strapped to me in a carrier and one in each arm. This doesn’t seem to stop and I still often find myself with two 17kg monkeys clinging onto me. I just need to grow that third arm now so that everyone can still join in!


I am only one of many, many, thousands of Multiple Mums out there, and each and every one of them has a very special role to play.

Next time you bump into a SuperMulti-Mum while you’re out shopping or on the school run, don’t tell her that she’s “got her hands full” or “rather you than me”, tell her what a great job she’s doing as a SuperMulti-Mum!!



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