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Big 4 caravan park, Bonny Hills


three open trunkis on a bed

One of the biggest dilemmas when traveling with Toddler Triplets is finding accommodation that allows 2 Adults and 3 children to stay together.
One of the options that we have found that allows this and also offers some fun activities for the kids at the same time is the Big4 Caravan park chain.


On our recent trip to Sydney we needed to find overnight accommodation in the Port Macquarie region and we chose to stay at the Big 4 caravan park at Bonny Hills. We booked a Garden Villa, a 2 bedroom cabin which has a queen bed in one room and 2 bunks (4 beds) in the other, a toilet and shower, kitchen, dining area and sofa as well as a verandah out the front and parking directly outside.
When we arrived Dad and Loki went to the office to check us in. They came back with the key, some milk for coffee’s and a packet of double coat Tim Tams (I was told that we received the latter because of Loki’s undeniable cuteness).
When we went into the cabin the kids were really excited to find the double bunks and even more excited when they found their towels were folded into animals with stick on eyes, there were 2 elephants a Manta ray and a butterfly.

big4 towel animals
The main reason that we chose this park was for the water park style swimming pool with slides and and a tipping bucket. Within 30 minutes of arriving at the park we were all in the pool enjoying the fresh air and burning off some excess energy after the long drive. The kids had so much fun at the pool that they didn’t want to get out – unfortunately this meant that we didn’t manage to find time to take walk down to the beach.

When we finally convinced the kids it was time to get out of the pool we went back to the cabin, warmed up with hot showers and had some dinner. We then headed straight back out again to burn off that last bit of energy before bedtime by bouncing on on the giant pillow.

big4 giant pillow mikey alita

Even though we had only been on the road for one day we had already accumulated a mountain of washing so we took advantage of the laundry facilities which were both clean and efficient the only negative there would be that one of the dryers was out of order.

At bedtime Mikey decided that he wanted to sleep on the top bunk while Alita and Loki stayed on the bottom. I had a feeling that he might change his mind and I was proven right when it came to lights out. Thankfully I had already set up a pillow in the corner between the two bottom bunks and he was happy to crawl in behind the ladder to settle down to sleep.Toddler twins in bunk beds

After a good nights sleep we were up bright and early, the kids had their fix of ABC4 kids on the flat screen TV while they ate their breakfast and Mum and Dad packed the car back up and got ready to hit the road again.

This park was great for an overnight stay, the pool and slides were refreshing after a long journey and the bouncing pillow was a great way to burn off some more energy too.

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