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Christmas cookies for Miss Emma & Miss Shannon

Today was Alita, Loki & Michaels Christmas party at Day care so We decided to bake some Christmas cookies for Miss Emma & Miss Shannon.


Toddlers sieving flour

Tip: remember to wash everyone’s hands before you start, have everything you need close to hand and have plenty of extra utensils so that everyone always has something to hold on to.
Triplet toddlers baking

Michael did a really good job of cracking the egg, he didn’t get any shell in the bowl – I checked.
Toddler cracking egg into bowl

Alita woke up from her lunchtime sleep before the boys so she got to do all the rolling and cutting on her own.
Toddler rolling out dough
Toddler cutting shapes out of cookie dough

In to the oven for ten minutes & the boys are up in time to do some icing with white chocolate……yum!
Toddler icing a cookie
Toddler icing a cookie
Toddler icing a cookie
And here’s the finished product…..not bad for three under two’s!!!!
Star shaped cookies on a plate
Toddler reaching toward plate of cookies
toddler eating cookie
Believe it or not, there were a few cookies left for Miss Shannon & Miss Emma who were very pleased with their home baked gifts.

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