Christmas is coming

Triplet toddlers sitting on miniature chairs in front of inflatable Santa It’s December already, another year has slipped away and my beautiful babies are now almost 2 years old.

A visit to any shopping centre at the moment reveals a Christmas tradition that I hadn’t really taken any notice of before having children.
Parents queue for what must feel like hours with their increasingly bored & irritable children just for a chance to have their photo taken with a strange man wearing a fake beard & pyjamas.
I know that as Alita, Loki & Michael grow up they may decide that they want to have their photo taken with Santa at the Shopping center, but this year I decided to spare us all the stress and drama.

Thankfully our friends at the Spotty Cat cafe have installed an inflatable Santa for christmas and I managed to get this lovely photo of the Trio with inflatable Santa instead.

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