Getting out and about with Toddler Triplets

I’ve heard that going out in public with one Toddler can be challenging.
Add another two toddlers to the mix and it makes for a “challenging” adventure every time.

toddler triplets sitting in a twin trolley wearing Liverpool FC

Having two adults to share the experience certainly makes it easier but when Dad’s at work and Mum is on her own what are the best options to get everyone out of the house?

Initially my escape from the house would involve strapping everyone into the triple stroller and going for a jog around the local streets or a walk with the stroller to the local supermarket to buy some essential items.

identical boys sleeping in pram with arms up above their heads
Now that the stroller is no longer able to contain everyone I’ve had to come up with some new ideas.
The biggest obstacles for us when getting out and about at the moment are:
Getting from A to B safely. I hold hands with 2 of them and the third has to hold their Brothers or Sisters hand. After a lot of practice they are starting to get the hang of this.
Toilet visits. When I’m on my own this means taking everyone to the toilet every time. They are getting used to this idea now and I can usually convince them all to do wees during the same visit.
Tantrums. I’ve been lucky recently (touch wood) and haven’t had to deal with a public triple toddler tantrum for a while. This is probably the most likely thing to prevent a triplet mum from getting out of the house on her own. After you’ve experienced it once you NEVER want it to happen again!

Here are my top 5 ways to escape from the house with toddler Triplets in tow:

Out and about with triplets

1:Supermarket/Shopping Center
Trips to the supermarket are usually a necessity because I’ve run out of milk or bread.
Thankfully, I have now worked out which shopping centers in our area have the safest parking options, best access to twin trolleys, most entertaining/safe kids play areas and most kid friendly cafés. This means that I can turn an urgent trip to the supermarket into a fun day out for everyone.

2: Play dates at a friends house
When I say “friend”, I should really say “very understanding and patient friend who doesn’t mind the chaos and the fact that they won’t see much of me between trying to keep my eyes on everyone and making all those trips to the toilet.”

Needless to say, this doesn’t happen very often but I’m eternally grateful to the select few who have hosted a visit from us and still remain friends – Deanna, Jasmine, Sarita, Nessie, Alison xxx

3: Fast food chains with kids play area
This is a very new concept for me as I had hardly set foot inside a McDonalds for over a decade, but when Hubby and I decided to go and check out the play area with the kids one day I suddenly understood why so many mums with kids are regulars at the stores.
We purchased happy meals with fresh fruit instead of chips and water instead of soft drinks, so it doesn’t have to be as unhealthy as I had imagined and the play area was a huge hit too.
I’ve taken them on my own a few times since. The hardest part when I’m on my own is getting everyone from the car into the store safely and then back again after they’ve had a good play – They are getting better at this all the time.

4: Drive thru Coffee
This one is more for Mums sanity than for the kids. I’m lucky enough to have kids that all fall asleep in the car, especially if you put them in the car around nap time.
If I’m having a really tough morning and it looks like the three of them are just going to keep going and going, I have been known to put all of them in the car at nap time and drive to the nearest Coffee drive thru. By the time I get there everyone is asleep and I can park up in the shade and drink my coffee in peace. Then we have the option to go somewhere else or simply go back home and carry on after the re-charge.

5: The back yard
I don’t take the kids to the park on my own yet unless it’s fully fenced, and even then I’m not keen.
I know that this isn’t technically getting out and about, but by setting up our backyard with a trampoline, swings, slide, balance bikes and scooters it means that we really don’t need to leave our home to have fun outdoors. Everyone gets to play outside and get lots of fresh air every day. It was definitely worth the investment to create a safe fun outdoor area for the kids.

As Mum of Multiples it is easy to feel trapped at home, but at the end of the day, the more often you manage to get out and about with your multiples on your own, the easier it gets…….honestly it really does!

I’d love to hear how other Mums or Dads deal with getting out of the house on their own with Multiple Toddlers.
Please feel free to comment in the box below.

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I have a 2, 3, and 4 year old. We live in a rural area so driving everywhere is a necessity. Just getting everyone ready and into the car is a marathon if we are going anywhere other than the bus stop in the mornings. The task of dressing everyone to go out is insane. By the time I reach the last child, the first dressed has removed several items of clothing. My husband is rarely around to help get everyone together, so typically, it is just me against them. My 4 year old still throws tantrums worse than my 2 year old. It is exhausting.Then there is the potty related coercion. My three year old has a bladder the size of a grape and must be forced to pee before we leave or else the car seat gets soaked. Yes, I could out a diaper on her but she hates it and is generally potty trained. Getting her and her older sister to pee prior to going out is a task. They both constantly swear they don’t have to pee. Then they fight- over what toys to take, blankets, who gets out of the door first, how the car seats are buckled etc. After all of this I lose my car keys/cell phone several times a week during the act of trying to get out. There is no amount of organization that will help my attention span while we attempt to exit the house. At this point the stress it causes all of us is not worth the trip out of the house most of the time so we avoid it in favor of homebound serenity. My best advice is not to the parents, but to the family. It takes a village to raise a child or children. Grandparents, aunts and other family have mercy on the parents of young children. If you want to see them go to them. If you want to one on one quality time pick them up. It is harder for us, the parents of young children, to come to you than it is for you, the rest of the family, to come to them. Please do not ever blame the parent of young children for a lack of relationship with the kids when as a family member you have the time and ability to see the children and choose not to. Grow some empathy, if you have raised one child imagine what it is like with multiple. This is a phase, it will pass, but any help will be appreciated during this time and it help build a bond that will last with the children. Many parents cannot spend quality time with their children in situations where there are several young ones because all we do it meet needs, referee and clean up the immediate messes. Be a village, its about the kids now.

I hear where you’re coming from Paula, I often get halfway through the “getting ready to leave the house” process and find myself wondering if it’s worth the effort. It does seem to be getting easier with time but we still have our ups and downs!
I don’t really have a problem with family wanting us to visit them as most of our family live on the other side of the world, but I can imagine that it would be frustrating.
Thanks for your support,


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