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Holidays with Toddler Triplets – LEGOLAND Malaysia

One of the perks of staying at the LEGOLAND hotel is the fact that you can access the parks 30 minutes before the general public. Alita, Loki and Michael seem to wake up at (or before) 6am regardless of the timezone we happen to be in or how late they went to bed the night before so we  had no problem getting everyone up, fed and ready for the 9:30 am start.LEGO sculptures

1: Junior Driving School
Toddler Triplets at the LEGOLAND Junior driving school
When the gates opened we made our way straight to the Junior Driving school. Having already driven the Taxi’s several times at Movie world on the Gold Coast we thought that the Trio would love Driving the Lego cars. As it turned out, Mikey couldn’t figure out that he had to leave his foot on the accelerator and kept getting cranky every time the car stopped, Alita couldn’t figure out how to steer and kept driving into the edge and Loki came out best, gradually getting the hang of it as he made his way around the track. Amazingly the ride operator issued all 3 with their own LEGOLAND Driving license.

2: The Shipyard play area

LEGOLAND Shipyard play area

Our next stop was going to be the Rescue Academy but as we walked towards it we discovered that this section didn’t open until 10 AM.
We spotted a park area that looks like a Ship with various slides and climbing sections coming off it so we let the kids explore and play while we waited for the rest of the rides to open.

3:The LEGOLAND Express

Riding on the LEGOLAND train

At 10 AM we headed over to the LEGOLAND Express station, after waiting for a few minutes the Train arrived and we all hopped on-board for the ride. By now it was getting quite hot so the slight breeze as we moved was very refreshing. The train goes around the outside edge of Miniland so we got to see a lot of the Miniature cities without having to walk through.

4: Star Wars Miniland Model Display

Meeting LEGO Darth Vader

As we walked up to the entrance of the Star Wars Miniland display we spotted Darth Vader and had to get a photo with him. We had to queue for a while to get in to the indoor (air conditioned) display but we didn’t mind because we were in the shade and there were several fans keeping the area cool. Once inside you get to watch a LEGO Star Wars movie before going through to the displays.  We decided to move through the first section quite quickly to escape the crowds of people. The kids soon worked out that there were buttons to press on the sides of the display cabinets which made the models move and light up, from then on it was a race from one display to the next to see who could press the button first. The displays were amazing and the kids were happy  just pressing the buttons to see what would happen.

5: The Duplo Express

LEGOLAND Duplo Express train

The Duplo Express is a smaller version of the LEGOLAND Express that the Kids could ride on their own. It’s a shame that there wasn’t more for the kids to look at as they went around the grass enclosure, with all the amazing Lego Sculptures that we saw all around the park it seemed strange that this area was so plain. The kids did seem to enjoy the ride though.

6: The Forestmens Hideout

LEGO art in the Toilets

No, I haven’t made a mistake here, that photo was taken in the Ladies toilets near the Forestmens hide out play area.

I don’t have any photo’s of the Forestmens hideout because while we were there I was kept on my toes trying to keep track of  two very quick climbing monkeys. It’s a massive wooden fort play area within the LEGO Kingdoms section of the park. There are lots of rope nets and ladders to climb and there is also a huge tube slide at one end.

Where was the third child? you ask.

He was off with his Dad on a little adventure which involved a toilet trip and buying a new pair of shorts.

The kids loved this area, they had so much freedom to roam. Mum didn’t enjoy it quite so much, she was just pleased that when we gathered everyone up to go and get some lunch we still had all 3 children with us and we hadn’t managed to lose anyone within the fort.

The photo of Alita was taken during a toilet trip while we were having our lunch at the Kings Grill.

7: The Royal Joust

The Royal Joust ride at LEGOLAND

This ride is also in the LEGO kingdom and set within a Medieval theme the kids get to pretend to be Jousting knights on their horses. Thankfully the horses move around on a track and there is no opportunity for actual Jousting.

This was the one ride that the Kids actually went on twice. We asked them which ride they had liked the most and all 3 wanted to go back on the Horses.

8: Build and Test

Build and Test LEGO cars
This area is inside with Air conditioning! We skipped straight past the Earthquake testing Zone on the way in and went through to the Car building section. Everyone was issued their own set of wheels which we had to sign back in when we left. This area kept all the kids (including Dad!) entertained for a long time, the test slope has a button that you press to release the cars from the start line and who doesn’t love watching the car that they just built race down a big slope?

9: Observation Tower

View from the LEGOLAND tower

We saw that the observation tower was about to go up as we were walking past and made an on the spot decision to quickly get on. What we hadn’t thought about was the fact that we needed 5 seats together and that just wasn’t going to happen. Dad sat with Mikey and Alita. I sat around the other side with Loki. The view from the top is impressive and shows how big the park really is.

10: LEGO 4D Studio

LEGOLAND 4D cinema
There are 4 Different movies to watch in the 4D Cinema -another Air conditioned attraction- we arrived at this area towards the end of our day and didn’t have to wait long to see the first film. Everyone enjoyed the film and it was great to be sitting down for a while, for those that haven’t been to a 4D cinema, the film is in 3D hence the glasses, but the seats also move and spray air and water at you at appropriate times (like when someone sneezes or drives through the snow). We ended up watching all 4 films, leaving the cinema after each one and just walking round to queue to go back in.

11: Rescue Academy

LEGOLAND Rescue Academy
We went to the Rescue Academy at the start of the day but were told that the area didn’t open until 10:00 so we ended up going back there on our way out. On this ride teams race each other to either put out a fire or catch a robber. Each team needs to have 4 people so Dad ended up doing all the hard work pumping water and powering the Police car while the trio tried really hard to follow Dads instructions and Mum got to watch from the side lines.

12: The Mini market and Brick shop

LEGOLAND Mini market
We went into the Mini Market with the idea of buying some Lego for the Trio for Christmas. What we didn’t take into account was the fact that we had 3 crazy toddlers with us who wanted to put just about everything in their trolleys. We managed to buy one gift for a friend but had to make a quick exit before we were evicted from the store 🙂
On our way out of the store we bumped into Wyldstyle from the Lego Movie.
We then went across to the Brick store where we made our own Lego characters -which were conveniently sold in packs of 3.

Meeting Wyldstyle at LEGOLAND


When we were deciding if we should book a holiday to LEGOLAND we weren’t sure that there would be enough rides and activities for young toddlers. As it turns out we found plenty to entertain the Trio and we didn’t even go on all of the rides that they were big enough for. I guess that means that we’ll be planning another trip to Malaysia some time soon!

Have you ever taken your toddlers to LEGOLAND? Did they enjoy it? Are you planning a holiday with toddlers and wondering if you should visit LEGOLAND? We’d love to hear from you, your feedback is always appreciated.


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