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Holidays with toddler triplets – Singapore

We only stayed in Singapore for 4 nights but looking back it’s amazing how much we managed to fit in.

Triplets at Sentosa lake of dreams

1. S.E.A. Aquarium.

We realised after we booked our holiday that the Deepavali public holiday fell on our first full day in Singapore. This didn’t prevent us from doing any of our planned activities, it just meant that it was busy…….really busy.
On our first morning we walked down to the Aquarium and had to queue to buy tickets. I took Alita with me in the queue while Dad entertained the boys nearby, we queued for so long that Alita had fallen fast asleep by the time we got the tickets so we decided to go for a coffee and let her have a sleep before we went in.
The Aquarium was running a Treasure Hunt for the kids called The Spooky Seas, each child was given a treasure map and a Trick or Treat bag before we went in.

It was at this point that Loki announced that he needed the toilet so Dad waited with Alita and Mikey while I dashed back to the toilets with Loki. We quickly found out how busy it really was when we entered the first underwater tunnel and Alita announced that she now needed the toilet (didn’t need to go 10 mins earlier though!) Dad waited in the tunnel with the boys while Alita and I tried to make our way back to the toilets against the flow of people – It was like trying to walk against the flow at the end of a footy match!
We finally re-united with the boys and began our adventure through the Aquarium. There is so much to see and all the tanks are beautifully lit. Some of the highlights were the Sharks in the big tunnel, the Jellyfish and the Dolphins. Loki missed some of the highlights due to falling asleep in my arms.
We found each checkpoint on the treasure map and everyone got their maps stamped and a handful of chocolates for their bags at each point. At one of the checkpoints they were all given a shark hat which lead to lots of running around and general craziness (fueled no doubt by all the chocolate) in the relatively open space of the Ocean Dome viewing area.
The shark tunnel was a lot quieter on the way out and we spent quite a while watching all the sharks and rays swimming around us and above our heads – enough time for yet another toilet trip!
Everyone handed over their completed maps at the end and they were given some stickers and more chocolate as a prize.
Even though it was very busy we all enjoyed our undersea adventure.

Triplets at SEA Aquarium


2. Sentosa Merlion and Merlion plaza

The Sentosa Merlion is one of those great photo opportunities, it’s proof that we really did go to Singapore with toddler triplets. On our 2nd night there was a festival in the plaza to celebrate Deepavali so we decided to have a look on our way back to our hotel after dinner.
Alita enjoyed watching the dancing and listening to the Bollywood style music. There was a stall offering free henna tattoos so all 3 of our children ended up with Henna flowers painted on their hands – much to the fascination of all the on-lookers/paparazzi.

Dad and triplets at Sentosa Merlion mum and triplets at Sentosa Merlion

Henna tattoos for Triplets


3. The port of Lost wonder

We weren’t sure how much our 2.5 yr olds would be able to do at this water park or whether they would be allowed on the bigger slides but we packed up our swimming gear and their float vests and set off anyway. The journey to the park wasn’t a quick one, we walked from our hotel to the tram station, caught the free tram to the beach and then set off walking for what felt like an eternity. I ended up carrying Alita while Dad carried both boys and our backpack.
When we got there it was worth the effort because the kids really enjoyed themselves. They worked out how to queue for the big slides by themselves which meant that Mum and Dad could position themselves one at the bottom of the slide to catch them and the other directing them which way to go to get on the correct slide. There was no end to the amount of times that they wanted to go down the slides and it took a lot of persuading to convince them to sit down for some lunch. After lunch the whole process started again and now we had the added obstacle of a young oriental girl who was fascinated with the boys and kept trying to usher them away to her family (oh dear, it’s started already!)
All the standing around in the sun left Mum and Dad with a nasty case of sunburn (yes we did use sunscreen, but obviously not enough). The kids were all fine though, they didn’t stand still for long enough to catch the sun.
All the running around, sliding and swimming led to the inevitable sleepy toddler syndrome and left Mum and Dad facing that huge journey back with 3 sleeping toddlers. It was a mission but we managed to get back and then took it in turns to have a warm bath to try to recover from all that sun.

Port of lost wonder

4. Singapore Zoo

We set aside a full day for Singapore Zoo, the taxi ride was less than 40 minutes but all 3 still managed to fall asleep on the way. When we paid to go in we were asked if we wanted to purchase tickets for the train – we did, and I’m so glad we chose to because there’s only so much walking that toddlers legs can manage and only so much carrying that Mum and Dad can handle!
Mikey enjoyed looking for crocodiles in the water on the walk in and all three were amazed to see monkeys in the trees. Our 3 all love wildlife and animals so there was a lot to entertain them. We had a rough spell when all 3 announced that they were thirsty but the machine that we found wouldn’t take our notes. Eventually we found a machine that did take our money but there wasn’t any water in the machine, thankfully they were happy with an orange flavored drink instead.
The train was a welcome rest and also created a pleasant breeze in the humid heat, it was a great opportunity for us to all re-charge ready for the next section.
The polar bears were popular, but more because of the air con and the little igloo that the kids could play in than for the polar bears themselves (Sorry polar bears!)
Some of the other areas that we enjoyed were the Hippo’s, the turtles, the Orangutangs, the big cats and the Elephants.
The highlight of the day for Alita (and probably the boys as well) was their first ever pony ride. Each of them patted the pony while they were riding and Alita wanted to stroke the pony’s nose to say goodbye as well. There was also a carousel which they managed to go on twice by agreeing to have their photo taken with the girl at the desk. The ticket we bought also included a horse and carriage ride but we couldn’t find where to get on it and the staff weren’t being very helpful at that stage so we gave the tickets away to another family who could use them.
We probably didn’t see everything that the Zoo had to offer but we decided to head back before everyone started falling asleep again – within minutes of getting into the taxi all 3 were fast asleep.

Triplets at Singapore Zoo

5. The Hard Rock hotel, Sentosa – Beach Pool

We had heard that the Hard Rock Hotel had an amazing beach style pool which we were allowed to use as our hotel shared the facilities. Unfortunately due to the lack of information in our room about any facilities we had no Idea how to get there. On our last full day, Jesslyn, the Concierge (who went out of her way to help us to enjoy our stay) directed us through various doors and corridors to the pool, which did live up to everything we had heard about it. It even had a kids slide to the delight of Loki, Mikey and Alita.
We were lucky to get the assistance from Jesslyn during our stay, but I could imagine that a lot of families would end up having a very mediocre stay due to the lack of facilities at the Festive hotel and the lack of information to guide you to the facilities that you are entitled use at the other hotels.

Triplets with consierge girls at Festive hotel


6. The Singapore cable car and Vivo.

On our first night in Singapore, while we were trying to get everyone changed and ready for bed, Alita and Loki pulled back the curtain and looked out of the window. They excitedly announced that they they could see the stars “and they are moving!”
I had to go and have a look to see what they were talking about. What they were looking at were the cable cars with all their lights switched on slowly floating through the sky. I explained what they were and we agreed that we would have a ride in one before we left.
It was our last day in Singapore when we finally made the trek up to the Imbiah lookout (lots of walking, escalators, a tram ride then lots more escalators) where you can board the cable car to cross over to the mainland and take a short walk to the Vivo shopping center.
The car that we got in on the way over was decorated with dried flowers. All 3 children enjoyed looking out at the pools and boats and trees below us and showed absolutely no fear of heights. On the other side we took the lift down to the ground floor and walked across to the Vivo shopping center. Have you ever been shopping with toddler triplets? We danced to the music out the front of the surf shop while Dad had a look around and we had to stop for everyone to try the shaking platform exercise machines outside another shop. We went out to the kids play area but were disappointed to find that there was no shade and you could easily fry an egg on the surface of the slides, we quickly moved on from there and after a few minutes of walking followed by requests to be be picked up, the trio started falling asleep. We took this cue to find a coffee shop with bench seats and laid all 3 down for a sleep while we had a coffee and took it in turns to go and have a look at the shops without kids in tow.
When the coffee was finished and everyone was awake again we headed back out to the play area where Dad had spotted some electric motorbikes for the kids to ride. We paid for 5 mins for all 3 to ride at the same time and watched the chaos unfold. Let’s just say that Alita won’t be getting her bike license any time soon. The most coordinated of the 3 was Loki, but he still managed several crashes in his allotted 5 minutes. Then came the fun of trying to remove the trio from their bikes when their time was up….hmmm I don’t think we’ll be going back there any time soon.
At this point we decided that it was time to head back to the cable car. The boys were thrilled to find the inside of our cable car decorated with a Batman theme this time.

Triplets at Singapore cable car and Vivo
We had planned to visit the Butterfly and insect park on the way back but we decided to give it a miss as we were running out of time and needed to get back to the hotel to catch our transfer to LEGOLAND!

Watch this space to read about our experience at Legoland Malaysia.

As always your comments and feedback are appreciated.

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Thanks Gayle, that’s fantastic information that I somehow couldn’t find on the internet. Thank you! Yes, we are definitely going to be spending 2 nights at the Legoland hotel now. I’m excited!

I’m glad I could help Clare, enjoy your trip!
Don’t forget to come back and let us know how it went 🙂

Hi Gayle,

Next Christmas I’m travelling solo with my son who will be 4 years old to the UK and after seeing your post on Legoland Malaysia I decided we simply had to go there for our stopover. Now that I’m looking into the logistics I’m realising that it will take a few more nights and effort than I thought (ie given the time we’ll be arriving in Singapore it will be a big effort to get straight to the legoland malaysia hotel that same day and we will have to first spend a night in Singapore.)

So I just wanted to get your opinion – if you only had 3 nights in Singapore with a 4 year old would you still recommend Legoland Malaysia? It looked like such a magical place for young children and even though Singapore has so many great entertainment activities they look like they could be enjoyed at any age.

What do you think?

Thanks! Clare

Hi Clare, I wouldn’t recommend going to Legoland just for a day trip. If you are going to go I would recommend at least one night at the Legoland Hotel (its a big part of the Magic). We got a transfer (booked via Legoland Hotel website) directly from the Legoland hotel to the Airport in Singapore when we left -we had a night time flight, so we got to spend the day in the theme park and then went back to the hotel to collect our bags and catch our transfer. I’m not sure if that is an option for you.
Also, please note that if you book a private transfer you don’t have to get out of the vehicle to go through customs and Immigration when you cross the border into Malaysia, if take a group transfer you need to take your luggage and walk through (not Ideal with Kids.)

In short, If you can only manage a day trip to Legoland then I would give it a missing stick to the attractions in Singapore.

If you can stay at the Legoland Hotel, go for it!

I hope this helps, Enjoy your trip. I would love to hear what you decide and how your trip goes 🙂

Hi Van, we did manage to arrange 3 car seats for our Transfers. It took a bit of extra planning as no-one seemed to have 3 car seats available but the concierge at our hotel managed to hire an extra car seat for us from another company.
I would also recommend checking that the seats are installed properly before you get in the car.
I hope you enjoy your trip.

Wow! Looks like a wonderful holiday! I’ve been trying to convince my hubby to take our triplets overseas, but he’s not brave enough!

Thanks Caitlyn, I was a bit unsure about overseas travel myself, but as with everything else Triplet related, as long as you are super organised it is possible 🙂

Post a comment, your feedback is appreciated.