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How to get your toddler excited about their healthy lunch.

If you’re struggling to convince your toddlers to eat the food that you put in front of them, maybe you could try getting them involved in cooking their own food.

Here’s a great way to get them involved.

1: Line up 5 small bowls each with a different pizza topping in them. I did pieces of ham, chopped capsicum, sweet corn, sliced mushrooms and grated mozzarella cheese.
Toddler triplets making pizza bread
2: Tell your toddler the names of each food, let them touch and try the food and ask them to repeat the names back to you.

3: Place a mini pitta (or just a slice of bread) in front of your Toddler and let them spread some tomato paste or pizza topping onto it.

4: Let them go crazy with the toppings.
You can ask them to name each food as they pick it up if you want to, but keep it fun.
Toddler triplets making pizza bread
5: Grill under a medium heat until the cheese is nicely melted, allow to cool to a safe temperature (this bit might get a bit noisy with all the anticipation!) then serve them up, pointing out how clever your little monster was to have made their own Lunch.
Toddler triplets waiting for pizza bread to cook

Works a treat!
Toddler triplets eating pizza bread

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