Multiple Birth Awareness Week 2015

The theme for Multiple Birth Awareness week this year is T.E.A.M.  Our team is small, but expands all the way around the world with Grandparents and God Parents all living in the UK whilst we live in Queensland Australia.

Toddler triplets together

T – Triplets

What a surprise it was to find out that we weren’t having Twins after all, we were  having Triplets! The feelings that I remember most from that time were of Fear (that something could go wrong during the “high risk” pregnancy) and bewilderment. I had no idea what to expect or how I would cope.

It was thanks to the Triplet Families that had gone before us who had taken the time to share their stories on the internet that I at least had an insight into what other families had experienced.

Because of this, I consider all my fellow Multi-Bloggers a part of my team.

You can find some of us at:

E – Extreme Sleep Deprivation

They say that Mothers of Newborns have trouble functioning due to Sleep Deprivation.

Mothers of Newborn Multiples get to take Sleep deprivation to a whole new level. Functioning on snippets of sleep in between endless feeds, nappy changes and expressing.

The sleep deprivation was probably the hardest part of coping with Newborn Triplets.

Thankfully, My Husband wasn’t shy about getting involved and getting his hands dirty…..Literally -I feel obliged to admit here that my husband had changed several nappies at the hospital before I had the pleasure of changing my first – Whenever he was at home he always made a point of making sure that I had expressed enough milk during the day so that he could do at least one set of night time feeds and give me a chance to sleep for a few hours.

Without my Husbands patience and help throughout those early days I don’t know how I would have survived.

The fact that my Husband is part of my Team goes without saying.

We are “the Team” and always have been. We used to say that together we would take over the world (in a “Pinky and the Brain” kind of way)……….I guess we are 3 steps closer to doing that now!!


For anyone who is pregnant with Multiples, I would recommend the AMBA website as their first port of call. After browsing the information available on the site you can look up your local group and make contact with them. The organisation is run by volunteers, most of whom are raising Multiples of their own so they are a wealth of knowledge.

In our case we joined our local group and attended a family fun day where we were  introduced to other Triplet families in our area.

During a Multiple pregnancy there is so much uncertainty that it’s reassuring to meet people who have made it all the way through and have healthy happy babies/children to show for it.

Our local group regularly runs Expectant parents nights as well as other relevant information nights with guest speakers.

AMBA is a part of my Team because of the community that they have created and the knowledge that they share.


M – Media (Social Media)

When I was at school, if you wanted to research anything you needed to head down to the local Library and find a book on the subject. How times have changed!

Today, all I need to do if I want to know about something is Google it, and if I want to know other peoples opinions on a subject I simply ask a question on Facebook then sit back and watch as the replies roll in.

Facebook is the perfect way for a Mum with Multiple babies to connect with the  outside world.

I remember it being such a mission to leave the house that I would only go out if it was absolutely necessary so Mums groups were out of the question. Thankfully a couple of very resourceful Multiple Mums who felt the same way started up a Facebook group for Parents of Multiples in Australia where they could find support and advice from each other.

Soon after, a Facebook group for Higher Order Multiples was born as well.

I find it hard to comprehend now when people tell me that they’ve never met Triplets before. I know so many families with Twins, Triplets and more through these facebook groups that I sometimes forget that it’s considered unusual to be a parent of Multiples.

The many, many people that I interact with everyday through Social Media are a part of my Team. They offer suggestions and solutions that only a Multi-parent would know, they offer compassion and a (metaphorical) shoulder to cry on to members who are struggling, but most of all they are a community of people who understand what it is like to be a Parent of Multiples.

Now that I’ve completed this post I can see that my TEAM  may not be quite as small as I first thought and given more letters I know that there are many more people who I could add to this list!

Who do you consider a part of your TEAM?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, Just scroll all the way to the bottom of this post to find the comment form.

Multiple Birth Awareness Week 2015 runs from the 8th to the 15th of March.

You can click here to find a list of events throughout Australia celebrating Multiple Birth Awareness week.

If you are in or around Brisbane, why not celebrate the event by having a picnic in the park:picnic in the park flyer



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Great post, I found the sleep deprivation in the early months hard with just twins, can’t imagine how much harder it must have been with an extra baby! When I had my twins nearly 14 years ago we had no home computer and smart phones didn’t even exist lol would have been great to have the online support available now. Thanks for linking up with #MultipleMadness

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