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Mummy cakes

Every Monday we have a play date at our house with a friend of mine and her son who is around the same age as Alita, Loki and Michael.
She always turns up with a Tupperware container full of cakes that she has baked for the occasion. This has made Rachel very popular with the triplets and as soon as she arrives everyone starts asking for “Rachel cake”.
A side effect of the “Rachel cake” is the fact that now any cakes that I bake have become known as “Mummy cakes.”

At the moment the favourite “Mummy cakes” in our house are my Banana, Raspberry and white chocolate muffins (Which were inspired by a comment from the lovely Sally Sterland on our Facebook page.)

toddler boy enthusiastically biting into a homemade muffin

toddler girl enthusiastically biting into a homemade muffin


I worked for many years as a chef and I am currently studying Childhood nutrition so I am very conscious of what foods I offer my children. These cakes contain hardly any added sugar but plenty of fruit (I often substitute the sugar with Norbu, a natural alternative made from Monk fruit, to reduce the added sugar content even further.)
The white chocolate buttons on top are a little extra treat that makes the cakes that little bit special.

step by step images of a tray of muffins being created

I have created a recipe card that you can purchase and download here.
The file also includes a Recipe card for an old favourite of mine from long before the Triplets arrived

– it is definitely a Grown-ups only recipe 😉

two recipe cards

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