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My little Houdinis


Toddler triplets in a Wiggles car
Getting out of the house is always a challenge when you have three toddlers in tow but I try to make the effort as often as possible.

Once we’ve walked out of the front door there are very few moments that I can relax knowing that everyone is safe and secure so I always breathe a sigh of relief when all three are safely strapped back into their car seats ready to come home.

You can imagine my horror when on the way home from one of our outings earlier this week, I glanced in the rear view mirror  to see that Michael had managed to get his arms completely out of his shoulder straps & his siblings were wriggling around desperately trying to copy their brothers new trick. I had to pull over to get everyone strapped back in and believe me, I put those straps back on as tight as I was able to without hurting anyone. By the time I got home the straps were already being pulled off again.

That night I decided that I had two options

1: Never leave the house again.

2: Find a way to prevent those straps from coming off their shoulders.

I decided to go with option 2 and started searching the internet for a solution.

What I found was a Kiwi product called a Houdini Stop.

As my number one concern is for the safety of my children I was pleased to find out that this product has been “officially crash tested and proven not to interfere with or prevent the car seat from functioning properly.”

I went out the next morning and purchased 3 Houdini Stops at $19.95 each so not the cheapest, but this is about child safety so I’m not about to cut corners for the sake of a few dollars.

They were so simple to use and clicked neatly onto the car-seat straps with no adjustments needed. No-body had any issues with me putting them on & everyone looked quite comfortable when we were done.

Michael was the first to try to escape but when he couldn’t get his arm all the way through he gave up and put his arm back where it should be. He hasn’t tried again since, and Loki and Alita haven’t tried to get out at all yet.

It is early days still, but I am hopeful that I’ve found the solution that I was looking for and I no longer need to consider becoming a hermit………now to find a way to fit 3 toddlers and the groceries into a shopping trolley (and keep them there), find a solution to dealing with Multiple temper tantrums in the middle of a shopping center, find a way to keep three sets of hands away from all the stock that has been placed perfectly within reach of both sides of the trolley at the same time……………….OK now I’m dreaming, going out is never going to be easy but as long as I know that we are all as safe as we can be I’ll always be up for the challenge.

Toddler triplets in carseats with Houdini straps attached to their harness

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