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Theme day Thursday – Cats 2

This week for Theme day Thursday we did some baking and read some more cat themed books.

Our pastry cats were very easy to make. We took a sheet of Puff pastry from the freezer, used our cat shaped cookie cutter to cut out lots of cat shapes. We placed them on a baking tray and brushed them with the juice from our tinned peaches and then baked them until they were all puffed up and golden brown. Loki played with his cat  for a while before deciding to eat it up and ask for another one.

Toddler triplets baking and eating cat shaped pastries

The books that we read this week were:

Tickling Tigers – Sean Taylor, Jo Brown

This story follows three Tiger cubs through the Jungle Tickling lots of different animals along the way.

You cant read this book without lots of tickling and giggling interaction and we loved it even more because the Tiger cubs in the story are Triplets too.

Here Comes the Easter Cat – Deborah Underwood, Claudia Rueda

The narrative in this book has a conversation with “Cat”. “Cat” doesn’t speak but replies through his actions in the illustrations. This style of writing seems to really engage Alita, Loki and Michael.

The fact that the Easter cat chooses a Motorcycle as his vehicle for delivering Easter eggs kept the boys interested. Alita was worried about the Easter Bunny who was really tired because he hadn’t had a nap but Luckily “Cat” decided to help the Easter bunny so Alita didn’t have to worry for long.

Both these books were very popular and I’ve been asked to read them again several times over.

Toddlers reading cat themed books


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