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Theme day Thursday – Cats

20140725-163336-59616327.jpgOur first ever theme day activity was a visit to the Library to find some cat related books.
When we arrived at the Library the draw of the kids computers with their oversized colourful keyboards was too much and Alita, Loki and Michael all ended up playing “Ben and Holly” games within minutes of us walking in the door. Thankfully there were enough computers available for everyone!
This worked out quite well in the end as I asked each child, one at a time to come and “find a book with a picture of a Cat for me. ”
We ended up with 4 lovely story books to take home (yes, Mum got to pick one as well.)
When everyone was finished with their computer games and starting to lose interest in all the books (in other words, when chaos was about to ensue) we went over to the self-serve check out area and everyone got to scan their own books out.
photo of 4 library books with pictures of cats
This week we have been reading 2 of the Books:
Lisa absolutely loves art by Sophie Norsa
This was of course Alita’s pick.

The story follows a girl through an art gallery searching for her missing cat “Picasso”.
Each page in the book represents a famous work of art. Everyone enjoyed searching for Picasso the cat who we found hiding on every page.

Homer the Library cat by Reeve Lindbergh and Anne Wilsdorf
This was Mums pick and was also popular with everyone.

The story follows Homer the cat who is used to living a quiet life but finds himself  in the noisy world outside his home. We enjoyed looking for Homer in every picture and Loki especially enjoyed joining in when the children in the post office started sneezing “ah-choo”

Both these books kept everyone interested and told lovely stories about Cats and their Human companions.

Toddler girl with face paited as a pink cat and wearing paper cat ears on her head

I have listed all the books that we chose at the library on the Theme day PDF where you can also find some of the Cat Themed activities that we’ve been doing and food we’ve been cooking. To Download the PDF simply Subscribe to

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