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Theme Day Thursdays – Dinosaurs (part 2)

Today was our second Theme day Thursday during Dinosaur month and another day full of Dinosaur Fun.
We started our activities for the day with a Dinosaurs and rice sensory tub (or in our case Baby bath).
For those of you who haven’t come across sensory tubs before, the idea is to give your child the opportunity to explore their world through touch. You place things in the tub and let your toddler go crazy with them, this could be liquids, ice, sand, mud, bubbles…etc. Just Google “Sensory tubs” and prepare to be amazed at some of the creations that you find.
I decided to use the old Baby bath because I wanted everyone to be able to play at the same time.
Within minutes of putting the bath down Loki had decided that he needed to add a few planes and cars to rescue the dinosaurs when they got buried in the Rice.

Triplets playing with Dinosaurs and Rice

We then went outside to find Dinosaur fossils in the garden.
Toddlers finding home made fossils in the garden

In the afternoon we helped Mum to bake some chocolate Dinosaur bikkies

making dino bikkies1

And then ate some of them!
making dino bikkies2

We watched a new kids TV show on ABC called “Dinosaur train” Where a young Tyrannosaurus travels on the Dinosaur train learning about the different species of Dinosaurs with help from the trains conductor.
Then we read 2 Dinosaur books:

Countasaurus and Shapeasaurus
both by

Megan E.Bryant, Luciana Navarro Powell
Both books have toddler friendly, thick cardboard pages and both have a very similar look.
As you would expect Countasaurus encourages the child to count things in the pictures and Shapeasaurus encourages the child to look for shapes. Alita and Michael showed much more interest in the books than Loki, they were pointing at the various objects as we counted them and telling me what the shapes were.

Toddlers reading Dinosaur books

After so many Dinosaur activities today, I wonder if Alita, Loki and Michael will be dreaming about Dinosaurs tonight………

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