Triplets, a Dad’s perspective.

Raising Triplets is hard (but rewarding) work. I’ve been sharing my experiences with you all for a while now, but with Father’s Day approaching I thought it would be a good time to ask my husband to share some of his hard earned knowledge as well.
Dad with toddler triplets one on each knee and one on his shoulders
Here are his top 5 tips for new dads of Triplets:
1. Get involved early
Swaddling, bathing, nappy changing, burping, endless clean ups & washing all of it, get involved, I’m not saying it ever gets easier or you won’t make mistakes but with practice you certainly get better & it becomes very rewarding, it also helps form an important bond with them and with the additional support that this gives to your partner keeps a relationship strong.

2. Planning & Routine
Essential for multiples! learn to plan, in the early days this can be as simple as recording changing times / feeds, to understand that everyone has been fed, burped & changed, this along with good communication with the other half allows for understanding of what’s coming next & who’s turn! which then gives you a little of the most important thing with multiples TIME and allows you a little luxury of the second most important SLEEP

3. Get out of the house

It is so easy to fall into the trap with multiples of not getting out, try taking one out at a time, one on one time is so important for their individual growth but also that of your individual relationship with each , plus it’s a bonus for mum to only have to worry about 2 and a chance to regain some sanity, it can be as little as a trip to the hardware store and seem like nothing but I can assure you that’s not how they see it

4. Give yourself credit

It’s not easy being a dad let alone one of multiples, but it is easy to get worked up, frustrated & feeling useless when things aren’t going well or to plan, This is when you need to take stock, relax , keep a calm head and don’t be so hard on yourself, not everything will go to plan or be as great as you thought, if it truly is that bad then see No. 5

5. Ask for help
As dads we are after all still blokes, we’re proud, stubborn, keep feelings to ourselves and are fiercely defensive of our kids. It’s only natural we want the best for them but to be a dad sometimes this means being a bigger man and understanding when we need help and asking for it, whether its seeking professional help, joining a face book forum, a chat with workmates about their kids & experiences or asking friends and family for a little help babysitting or around the house, it’s not about you or pride, it’s about looking at the bigger picture (your little bundles of joy, tears & poo 🙂 and doing what’s right by them and being a DAD
Dad with identical toddler boys on his shoulders and Dad facepainting girl toddler

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Hi Michael, firstly Congratulations 🙂
In Australia we have AMBA (Australian Multiple Birth Assoc.) They have a website with a lot of resources. I have found that the best people to talk to are those who have been through a similar experience (please feel free to ask any questions here) you will be pleased to hear that there are some awesome Facebook groups that can bring Multiple birth parents together, and don’t forget to look up a local Multiple Birth club in your area. I am about to interview a father of Twins this week who has started a Facebook group specifically for Fathers of Multiples (Multiple Dads Sanctuary). If you like I could forward your contact details to him. Good luck.

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