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advert for walk for prems. October 26th 2014
I’ve talked before about how precarious a triplet pregnancy can be, I found that during my pregnancy I was being told about various dangers and complications every step of the way.

Pregnant mum holding her triplet belly

One of  those “complications” was the fact that there just isn’t enough room inside my belly to carry three babies for the full 40 Weeks of pregnancy. I was told not to expect to carry the Trio past 34 weeks.

As it turned out I managed to carry them to 35 weeks but this still left them 5 weeks premature. Michael spent his first night in the Neo-natal intensive care unit but was quick to recover and soon joined his brother and sister in the Special care nursery where they all spent the next 2 weeks.

Newborn triplets

Those 2 weeks were some of the toughest days of my life, but most of the other babies that were in the SCN with us were a lot more premature than ours and they endured a much longer stay in hospital before they were able to go home. That’s why I want to support “Life’s little treasures” and their “Walk for prems” to raise funds to improve the lives of premature and sick babies.

The Life’s Little Treasures Foundation is a charity which provides support, friendship, information and assistance throughout Australia to families of children born prematurely or sick. Their services are available in the hospital (neonatal and special care units) and in the community when families come home. The Foundation receives no government funding and is solely reliant on public donations.

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