The Five Superpowers of a Mother of Triplets.

I know that its been a while since I’ve shared my thoughts with you all, the truth is that life can really get quite hectic when there are 3 rapidly growing personalities in the house constantly pushing for my attention. I’ve been meaning to make more of an effort to start writing again and when […]

Merry Christmas!

  Its been very quiet here at the Triplets in Paradise website for a while now so here’s an update on what’s been happening here in the last few months: If you don’t follow our Facebook page you probably don’t know that we have re-located to the Northern Territory. Now, this would have been a huge […]

Are you the Man? – an interview with Neil Ward for Men’s health week.

When I decided to interview someone for Men’s health week this year, the first person that I thought of was Neil Ward. His blog “Multiverse Madness” gives a dads perspective on life with multiples, the blog is not only entertaining and honest but he often talks about issues that normally get skipped over and offers […]

Good Dental Hygiene Habits – Your Kids Will Thank You For Them In Later Life

We recently visited the Dentist for our 6 monthly check-up. The usual response I hear from other parents when I mention this is: “That must be a nightmare with triplets!” Honestly, no, it really isn’t a nightmare. From an early age we have encouraged the Trio to brush their teeth and we always talk about […]