Are they Triplets?

From the moment we proudly walked out of the hospital doors we’ve been repeatedly asked the same questions, although admittedly its been happening less as the years have passed. We’re more likely to be asked now if the boys are twins, but even so, I still get asked at least a couple of times a week […]

The Five Superpowers of a Mother of Triplets.

I know that its been a while since I’ve shared my thoughts with you all, the truth is that life can really get quite hectic when there are 3 rapidly growing personalities in the house constantly pushing for my attention. I’ve been meaning to make more of an effort to start writing again and when […]

Merry Christmas!

  Its been very quiet here at the Triplets in Paradise website for a while now so here’s an update on what’s been happening here in the last few months: If you don’t follow our Facebook page you probably don’t know that we have re-located to the Northern Territory. Now, this would have been a huge […]

Are you the Man? – an interview with Neil Ward for Men’s health week.

When I decided to interview someone for Men’s health week this year, the first person that I thought of was Neil Ward. His blog “Multiverse Madness” gives a dads perspective on life with multiples, the blog is not only entertaining and honest but he often talks about issues that normally get skipped over and offers […]

Give Happy, Live Happy – Has Volunteering helped you to “Live Happy”? -Interview.

National Volunteer week is just around the corner (11-17 May) and I thought it would be the perfect time to acknowledge the great work that Volunteers are doing around us all the time. In particular I would like to acknowledge the two lovely ladies who volunteered through “The Benevolent Society” to assist me for a […]

Christmas is coming

It’s December already, another year has slipped away and my beautiful babies are now almost 2 years old. A visit to any shopping centre at the moment reveals a Christmas tradition that I hadn’t really taken any notice of before having children. Parents queue for what must feel like hours with their increasingly bored & […]

They’ve Arrived

I’d spent Christmas, New year & my Birthday in hospital on bedrest awaiting the arrival of our newest family members. The nurses had been watching me intently, worried that at any moment I could go into labour. I had reached the point where I could no longer turn over in bed  – I had to […]