Give Happy, Live Happy – Has Volunteering helped you to “Live Happy”? -Interview.

National Volunteer week is just around the corner (11-17 May) and I thought it would be the perfect time to acknowledge the great work that Volunteers are doing around us all the time. In particular I would like to acknowledge the two lovely ladies who volunteered through “The Benevolent Society” to assist me for a […]

5 Homemade snacks that will keep your Toddlers hunger at bay.

  If there’s one thing that I wasn’t really prepared for as I stumbled through the first couple of years of parenthood, it would be discovering the sheer amount of snacks that Toddler Triplets can consume. We always try to have lots of fresh fruit available for snacks, but I’ve noticed recently that the trio […]

Easter in Paradise 2015 – Finding Time for a “Mummy Adventure”

The start of 2015 has just flown by, what happened to the first 3 months of the year?? It seems that time just keeps getting away from us at the moment. The Easter Bunny made an appearance at our house this weekend, nobody saw him, but he left white paw prints in the corridor and hid […]

Tips on how to survive Breastfeeding Triplets

  When you look at the problem in a logical way it’s easy to understand why I’m asked this question so often. “Is it possible to breast feed Triplets?” The answer to this question is of course “Yes”. It just takes a bit of organisation, a lot of patience, plenty of support from your partner […]

Triplets: All good things come in three’s

  I’ve looked a few times for poems about Triplets and only found several about Twins I’ve been feeling creative today, so heres a poem that I have written about the Awesomeness of Three!!!!! I’d love to hear your feedback, feel free to share this page with your friends, but please don’t steal my Poem. […]

Who is part of your TEAM?

As we approach the end of Multiple Birth Awareness week (MBAW) 2015 I hope that everyones efforts have paid off and that there are a few less bewildered parents-to-be wondering where to turn for advice after discovering they will have more than one extra mouth to feed. I hope that a few more people have […]

Multiple Birth Awareness Week 2015

The theme for Multiple Birth Awareness week this year is T.E.A.M.  Our team is small, but expands all the way around the world with Grandparents and God Parents all living in the UK whilst we live in Queensland Australia. T – Triplets What a surprise it was to find out that we weren’t having Twins […]

Travelling with toddler Triplets – Sydney’s Family Funday Sundays.

During a recent trip to the NSW Central coast we decided to take advantage of the Family Funday Sunday ticket offered by Transport NSW. We used the ticket to take a Sunday morning Train ride into Sydney with the Triplets, my Brother, Sister-in-Law and their 2 sons. -TransportNSW offer a Family Funday Sunday ticket which […]

Big 4 caravan park, Bonny Hills

  One of the biggest dilemmas when traveling with Toddler Triplets is finding accommodation that allows 2 Adults and 3 children to stay together. One of the options that we have found that allows this and also offers some fun activities for the kids at the same time is the Big4 Caravan park chain.   […]

5 acts of Kindness that kept me going

The first 12 months as a parent of Triplets were quite possibly the most difficult and at the same time the most rewarding 12 months of my life so far. The first few weeks were spent as a “visitor” to the Special care unit, trying to come to terms with the responsibility of caring for […]