First aid for kids – 2016 update!!!

****March 2016 Update***** It’s been a while since I wrote this post and thankfully we haven’t had many medical emergencies during that time, but it’s always good to know that when something happens you are as prepared as you can be. The great news is that the same people who provided the training that I […]

New years resolutions!

  2016 is almost upon us and at our house that means 4 birthdays within the first 5 days of the year. You could say that it’s a busy time of year for us! So busy in fact that for the last 3 years there has been no time to even consider New years resolutions. […]

Learning about our planet

This product talk is brought to you by Nuffnang and Lonely Planet Kids It was over 20 years ago that I first caught the travel bug. Back then, if you wanted to find more information about a country that you planned to visit you had to pop down to your local Library or book shop […]

Mess-free fun with Crayola Color Wonder

This post has been brought to you by Nuffnang and Crayola Are you planning a flight or a road trip with toddlers in tow, or maybe just looking for a fun activity for the kids to do that isn’t going to leave you with a colourful mess to clean up? We did a lot of […]

Good Dental Hygiene Habits – Your Kids Will Thank You For Them In Later Life

We recently visited the Dentist for our 6 monthly check-up. The usual response I hear from other parents when I mention this is: “That must be a nightmare with triplets!” Honestly, no, it really isn’t a nightmare. From an early age we have encouraged the Trio to brush their teeth and we always talk about […]

How to survive an international flight with Toddler Triplets

When planning an overseas trip with Toddler Triplets there are a lot of factors to take into account, especially regarding car hire and hotel rooms. In this post I will focus on the things that you can do in the lead up to your travel that can make a real difference to the way your […]

Toddlers and technology

From a very early age (long before their first birthday) the trio have been obsessed with the iPad and iPhone. I’ve always taken advantage of this and used it as a form of entertainment while we’re on the road. When we flew to the UK we loaded our iPads up with kids Apps, movies, Baby […]

Haircuts in paradise

When the boys started to have trouble seeing out from behind their lovely blond hair I decided that it was time for a haircut. In the past I’ve always called the lovely Kylie to come to the house and cut their hair but as Kylie isn’t cutting hair any more I did a bit of […]

My little Houdinis

  Getting out of the house is always a challenge when you have three toddlers in tow but I try to make the effort as often as possible. Once we’ve walked out of the front door there are very few moments that I can relax knowing that everyone is safe and secure so I always […]

Crayola washable fingerpaints

Those of you who have been following us for a while will know how much we love being creative, whether it’s with chalks on our awesome chalkboards that Dad made, decorating homemade biscuits or creating fingerpaint masterpieces. Six hands can create a lot of paintings but they can also create a whole lot of mess, […]