Merry Christmas!

  Its been very quiet here at the Triplets in Paradise website for a while now so here's an update on what's been happening here in the last few months: If you don't follow our Facebook page you probably don't know that we have re-located to the Northern Territory. Now, this would … Continue reading

Christmas In Paradise

Christmas morning started early in our house. 4am may sound ridiculously early to most people but our house is usually buzzing with activity by 4:30 am at the moment anyway. (I'm pretty sure that the kookaburras are waking the children up) Alita needed some help from Loki to get into this … Continue reading

Christmas is coming

It's December already, another year has slipped away and my beautiful babies are now almost 2 years old. A visit to any shopping centre at the moment reveals a Christmas tradition that I hadn't really taken any notice of before having children. Parents queue for what must feel like hours with … Continue reading