How to get your toddler excited about their healthy lunch.

If you’re struggling to convince your toddlers to eat the food that you put in front of them, maybe you could try getting them involved in cooking their own food. Here’s a great way to get them involved. 1: Line up 5 small bowls each with a different pizza topping in them. I did pieces […]

Haircuts in paradise

When the boys started to have trouble seeing out from behind their lovely blond hair I decided that it was time for a haircut. In the past I’ve always called the lovely Kylie to come to the house and cut their hair but as Kylie isn’t cutting hair any more I did a bit of […]

Project: Gardening in Paradise

I’m a great believer in getting the children involved with making their own food, mainly to help to inspire them to try new things. Taking this theory a step further our latest project is to “grow our food from seeds” and now that the days are a bit cooler its a perfect opportunity to get […]

Fishing for the first time

As I mentioned in my last post, the trio got their first taste of fishing this week. We took them to the Eco park at Luscombe. Nana and Grandad were along for the trip so it was one of those rare occasions where adults outnumbered the children. We chose to go mid week which […]

Face Painting Fun

One of the fun activities that kept Alita, Loki & Michael entertained over the holidays was Face painting. At first they were a bit reluctant & did a lot of wriggling and squirming but Luckily Dad is a bit of an artist & he managed to create some awesome faces without too much trouble. We […]