Are they Triplets?

From the moment we proudly walked out of the hospital doors we’ve been repeatedly asked the same questions, although admittedly its been happening less as the years have passed. We’re more likely to be asked now if the boys are twins, but even so, I still get asked at least a couple of times a week […]

Getting out and about with Toddler Triplets

I’ve heard that going out in public with one Toddler can be challenging. Add another two toddlers to the mix and it makes for a “challenging” adventure every time. Having two adults to share the experience certainly makes it easier but when Dad’s at work and Mum is on her own what are the best […]

5 Reasons why Hamilton Island is a great place to holiday with kids.

If you read my last post you will know that a lot of thought went into choosing where we would take our 2.5 year old Triplets on holiday. Thankfully it all paid off and we managed to find a great balance of fun time with the kids and relaxing time for Mum and Dad on […]

Paradise country

There are several theme parks on the Gold Coast, one that we had never visited until recently was Paradise country. Tucked in behind Movie world this park is designed to offer tourists a taste of the Australian stock farm life. Our first surprise when we arrived at Paradise Country was the long walk from the […]

Multiple Birth Awareness Week

This week is Multiple Birth Awareness week. Three years ago I would have been completely unaware of this week. I might have noticed that there were a few more appearances of cute twin babies on morning TV but I certainly wouldn’t have considered or had any idea about what life would really be like with […]

Fishing for the first time

As I mentioned in my last post, the trio got their first taste of fishing this week. We took them to the Eco park at Luscombe. Nana and Grandad were along for the trip so it was one of those rare occasions where adults outnumbered the children. We chose to go mid week which […]

Fun with the Animals

I was lucky enough to grow up in the Lake District UK. There was plenty of wildlife in the back garden & I had friends and cousins who grew up on farms. We would see sheep give birth to Lambs in the Spring, ride the ponies and bottle feed lambs at my Aunt and Uncles […]

My little Houdinis

  Getting out of the house is always a challenge when you have three toddlers in tow but I try to make the effort as often as possible. Once we’ve walked out of the front door there are very few moments that I can relax knowing that everyone is safe and secure so I always […]