Who is part of your TEAM?

As we approach the end of Multiple Birth Awareness week (MBAW) 2015 I hope that everyones efforts have paid off and that there are a few less bewildered parents-to-be wondering where to turn for advice after discovering they will have more than one extra mouth to feed. I hope that a few more people have […]

Multiple Birth Awareness Week 2015

The theme for Multiple Birth Awareness week this year is T.E.A.M.  Our team is small, but expands all the way around the world with Grandparents and God Parents all living in the UK whilst we live in Queensland Australia. T – Triplets What a surprise it was to find out that we weren’t having Twins […]

Multiple Birth Awareness Week

This week is Multiple Birth Awareness week. Three years ago I would have been completely unaware of this week. I might have noticed that there were a few more appearances of cute twin babies on morning TV but I certainly wouldn’t have considered or had any idea about what life would really be like with […]