First aid for kids – 2016 update!!!

****March 2016 Update***** It’s been a while since I wrote this post and thankfully we haven’t had many medical emergencies during that time, but it’s always good to know that when something happens you are as prepared as you can be. The great news is that the same people who provided the training that I […]

Holidays with Toddler Triplets – LEGOLAND Malaysia

One of the perks of staying at the LEGOLAND hotel is the fact that you can access the parks 30 minutes before the general public. Alita, Loki and Michael seem to wake up at (or before) 6am regardless of the timezone we happen to be in or how late they went to bed the night […]

Theme Day Thursday – Travel and Holidays – part 2

We are all getting very excited about our upcoming holiday, Alita, Loki and Michael are proudly announcing (to anyone who will listen) that they are going on holiday to Singapore and Malaysia. This is usually met with an amazed stare and a “Wow” from the person (Waitress/shop assistant/Checkout clerk) that they are talking to. This […]

Theme Day Thursday – Travel and holidays

It’s that time of year again, we’re gearing up for a much needed family holiday. With this in mind I have decided that a “Travel and Holidays” theme will be perfect for October to get everyone excited and prepared for the big trip. You can download this months free Theme Day PDF here. We’ve had […]

Getting out and about with Toddler Triplets

I’ve heard that going out in public with one Toddler can be challenging. Add another two toddlers to the mix and it makes for a “challenging” adventure every time. Having two adults to share the experience certainly makes it easier but when Dad’s at work and Mum is on her own what are the best […]

Theme Day Thursdays – Dinosaurs (part 2)

Today was our second Theme day Thursday during Dinosaur month and another day full of Dinosaur Fun. We started our activities for the day with a Dinosaurs and rice sensory tub (or in our case Baby bath). For those of you who haven’t come across sensory tubs before, the idea is to give your child […]

Theme Day Thursdays – Dinosaurs part 1

September is Dinosaur month here at Tripletsinparadise and we’ve already had so much fun with it. One of my top finds in the lead up to Dinosaur month has to be these Dinosaur cookie cutters from “Cake Boss”. I have used these to make biscuits, to cut mini dinosaur sandwiches, to make watermelon dinosaurs and […]

5 Reasons why Hamilton Island is a great place to holiday with kids.

If you read my last post you will know that a lot of thought went into choosing where we would take our 2.5 year old Triplets on holiday. Thankfully it all paid off and we managed to find a great balance of fun time with the kids and relaxing time for Mum and Dad on […]

How to get your toddler excited about their healthy lunch.

If you’re struggling to convince your toddlers to eat the food that you put in front of them, maybe you could try getting them involved in cooking their own food. Here’s a great way to get them involved. 1: Line up 5 small bowls each with a different pizza topping in them. I did pieces […]

How we chose our latest family holiday.

Holidays with toddler Triplets don’t tend to involve much relaxing. Our last attempt at a holiday was a long weekend in Byron bay, My Mum was staying with us at the time so we had one adult per child….. Sounds easy! ………. unfortunately itsĀ  not. Toddlers are inquisitive creatures and keeping an eye on what […]