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Are they Triplets?

Triplets standing together

From the moment we proudly walked out of the hospital doors we’ve been repeatedly asked the same questions, although admittedly its been happening less as the years have passed. We’re more likely to be asked now if the boys are twins, but even so, I still get asked at least a couple of times a week “Are they Triplets?” In comparison, when they were in the triple pram I would literally be asked a dozen times in one shopping trip.

What I had never considered until now though was that Alita, Loki & Mikey would eventually start to be asked directly by other adults “are you Triplets?”.

I had always been frustrated by some of the questions that people would ask me about them while they were listening, for example, I really don’t think that it’s very polite for strangers to ask how a child was conceived while the child is actually standing there listening to the conversation! Well, it turns out that the million and one times that Alita, Loki and Michael have patiently listened to strangers drilling me with questions have made a mark.

We were at a play area recently and I was watching from a distance as the three of them played. I noticed at one point that they had stopped playing and were all talking to the two Mums who were sat nearby. Both the Mums started laughing and I could see Michael still chatting away and they started laughing even more.

When it was time to leave I walked over and started putting their shoes on. One of the Mum’s noticed me and smiled, then she asked if I’d seen them laughing earlier. It turns out that in response to being asked if they were Triplets, Alita, Loki & Michael had answered with a long and elaborate story about how the doctor had cut open Mummys tummy and Alita came out first, then Loki but Michael wasn’t ready to come out and the doctor had to talk to him to convince him to come out as well.

I wonder how many other 4 yr olds know their birth story so well and are so ready to share it with complete strangers.

Now I’m intrigued to know what other stories are going to be told back to me with the innocent twist of a 4 yr old mind.





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