Christmas In Paradise

Christmas morning started early in our house. 4am may sound ridiculously early to most people but our house is usually buzzing with activity by 4:30 am at the moment anyway. (I’m pretty sure that the kookaburras are waking the children up)

Alita needed some help from Loki to get into this present. Twin toddlers holding presents
Mikey & Loki played together with their doggy bath toys. Identical twins opening Xmas presents
Alita loved this fairy princess costume from Nana.

Toddler girl opening Christmas present

Mikey wanted to try on his policeman costume while Loki opened another present. Identical boy toddlers opening presents, one of them is wearing a policeman costume I wonder what could be in here…..Loki didn’t bother unwrapping his bike, he just climbed straight on! 20131228-223447.jpg 20131228-223710.jpg 20131228-223743.jpg 20131228-223803.jpg The living room soon turned into a racetrack. 20131228-223930.jpg Time for some dress ups – thanks to their God parents & their Nana & Grandad. 20131228-224128.jpg 20131228-224337.jpg 20131228-224622.jpg 20131228-224756.jpg Then time for a quick snooze….. 20131228-224905.jpg Before heading up into the hills to Nessie & Gary’s place for some fun in the pool. 20131228-225337.jpg 20131228-225539.jpg 20131228-225206.jpg 20131228-225630.jpg Merry Christmas everyone, we hope you all had as much fun as we did!

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