Face Painting Fun

One of the fun activities that kept Alita, Loki & Michael entertained over the holidays was Face painting.
At first they were a bit reluctant & did a lot of wriggling and squirming but Luckily Dad is a bit of an artist & he managed to create some awesome faces without too much trouble.

We asked Alita what she wanted to do on her birthday and her reply was “Paint, Face, Flower, Tiger rrraaarrrggh”

Michael really enjoyed getting into character, we may have a little actor on our hands.

Everyone got better at sitting for Dad each time they had their face painted but Loki wins the prize for sitting the best when Dad painted his Batman face.


Face painting takes a lot of patience both from the child and the artist but it really is worth making the effort. Once Alita, Loki & Michael got used to the idea they really did get a lot of enjoyment out of it.
They are even getting other people to paint their faces now……when I picked them up from Day care today they were all very excited to show me that they had had their faces painted again!


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