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Fun with the Animals

Two children in a field on ponies
I was lucky enough to grow up in the Lake District UK. There was plenty of wildlife in the back garden & I had friends and cousins who grew up on farms. We would see sheep give birth to Lambs in the Spring, ride the ponies and bottle feed lambs at my Aunt and Uncles farm and I distinctly remember being chased one day  out of a field by a herd of young Bullocks ( I say chased, but in reality I think they were just being curious), I can’t have been too scared though because I remember that I stopped to take a photo.

Now that I have a family of my own I’m keen for my children to have as many positive experiences with animals as I did as a child.

The wildlife in our garden is abundant, but very different to the wildlife that I grew up around. Geckos, Skinks, Frogs, Lorikeets and Kookaburras to name a few and then of course there’s the more dangerous creatures, the Toads, Snakes, Spiders, etc. that We need to teach our children to treat with caution and respect.

Small snake hiding under a mat

Whenever possible we try to offer our children opportunities to see and interact with animals. They’ve already met countless animals, birds, fish and reptiles at Australia Zoo, Dalton Zoo (UK), Currumbin Wildlife sanctuary, Sea world and underwater world.

Toddler triplets being held by Mum and Dad while Lorikeets feed from a tray in Mums hand

They’ve even fed the Turtles at “Reefworld” Hervey Bay

Toddler reaching into water to touch giant TurtleToddler reaching into water to touch giant Turtle

and fed the Alpacas at “The Bearded Dragon” Tamborine.

toddler watching Alpacas through fencetoddler feeding Alpaca through fencetoddler watching Alpacas through fence

Last week we paid a visit to animals at The Strawberry Farm at Pimpama and next week we’re heading to Ecopark fishing world for their first Fishing experience.

toddler watching Goats through fencetoddlers feeding Calf through fence

I would love to get some feedback on this subject. What experiences have your kids had with animals & where would you recommend that we go for our next adventure?

If any of you are lucky enough to be in the Lake District for the Summer and looking for a closer to nature experience you should pay a visit to my Cousins campground at Dodgson wood

old barn in woods


Post a comment, your feedback is appreciated.