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Haircuts in paradise

When the boys started to have trouble seeing out from behind their lovely blond hair I decided that it was time for a haircut.

In the past I’ve always called the lovely Kylie to come to the house and cut their hair but as Kylie isn’t cutting hair any more I did a bit of research and came across a new kind of hair salon just for kids.

I called them up, made an appointment and off we went to Ziggetty Snipits in Robina.

We arrived a bit early so there was time to check out all the toys in the play area which was separated from the salon by a cute white picket fence.


Alita went first and got to Drive the Pink car.

Toddler girl at the hairdressers sitting in a pink car chair.

Then it was Loki’s turn in the Red Fire Engine,

Toddler boy having hair cut in a toy Fire engine

And last but not least, Mikey.


The kids seemed to really enjoy the experience, Loki wasn’t too keen on having his hair cut but managed to sit still for long enough to have a trim.

The shop was quite small so I’m not sure how chaotic it would get during a busy spell, but there was also a separate area for older kids with 2 Wii’s to play on.

The one thing that will deter me from going back in a hurry would be the price. At $18 per child with no discount for three children (or for Alita who really didn’t need a haircut but didn’t want to be left out) we ended up paying $54 for our visit….ouch!

If you  can justify the price and want to make your kids next haircut a special experience I recommend that you go on a week day during school hours. That way if you’re lucky you might get the place to yourself like we did.

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