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Holidays with toddler triplets – Legoland hotel, Malaysia

Legoland hotel Malaysia entranceWhen we booked our hotel room at Legoland we had to choose the theme of our room – Pirates or Adventure kingdom, this was an easy choice for us as Alita loves anything to do with pirates.

The Legoland hotel sits in an area that is clearly still being developed, it is impressive to look at from a distance but it’s when you get nearer and see the huge Lego dragon that sits over the main entrance and the giant Lego Pirate and Knight guarding that entrance that you begin to get an idea of what’s in store.
As soon as we walked in through the doors the children were welcomed by the friendly staff. To our left was a huge pirate ship surrounded by a bench seat which enclosed a play pit filled with Lego. To our right was a castle fort that the kids could run inside, the back entrance was guarded by a Lego troll and another Lego Dragon, inside there was a Lego Skeleton and there were more play pits filled with Lego around the outside of the fort. Floating above our heads were a Lego pirate airship and hot air balloon. Legoland lobby pirate ship

Legoland malaysia Lobby -Fort

Legoland malaysia Lobby fun

Needless to say, it wouldn’t matter how long it took to get checked in because all 3 children were thoroughly entertained.
When we finally managed to drag the trio away from the lobby they were in for their next treat – the disco lift.

During our stay at the Festive Hotel, Sentosa, the trio had become quite obsessed with the hotel lifts which each had a huge picture inside. The favourites were the Transformer lift and the shark lift.

Legoland took this lift obsession to another level with disco lights and music which meant that every lift ride involved some serious triplet dance moves.

Legoland Malaysia - Disco lift
All this and we hadn’t even made it to our room yet.

The corridor on our floor was completely decorated with a pirate theme including the carpets and all the doors.
The room didn’t fail to impress either. Pirate bunks, Lego murals on the walls, a Lego parrot watching over the kids room and a box of Lego Duplo for the kids to play with.

Pirate themed room - Legoland MalaysiaThere were a Lego lizard and spider in the bathroom and Mum and Dads bed was made look like a pirate ship with a huge red and white striped sail as the bed head.
In the corner of the kids room sat a Lego monkey on top of a safe, the kids had to complete a treasure hunt  to find the combination to open the safe.
With a bit of help from Mum and Dad the code for the safe was discovered. Inside the safe were 3 Lego gifts – well done Legoland for getting it right, can you imagine the drama if there had only been two?

Legoland malaysia - Pirate themed room
At this point our bags still hadn’t arrived at our room so we decided to plan what to do for Dinner.
Wouldn’t you think that a hotel which is purely aimed at families with young children would offer a babysitting service? Apparently not.
With this in mind we decided to take the kids with us for a meal at the à la carte restaurant.
We discovered when we got to the entrance that the restaurant had now changed to an Italian restaurant (this was their first night as the new restaurant). The trio love pizza so they were happy.
As with every other part of our stay, the staff went out of their way to make the kids happy, they even found everyone plates and cups in the colours that they requested.
While we waited of our food to arrive Dad and Mikey paid a visit to the Lego shop in the lobby and came back with 3 new Lego toys.

The trio enjoyed their Pizza,  there was a small pile of artichoke left on the plate at the end but the rest was completely demolished.

The walk up to our room meant another chance to dance in the disco lift and there was still time for some more Lego play before going to bed.

Triplets in Legoland Disco Lift

In the kids room there was a pull out mattress under the bottom bunk and Dad lifted the mattress down from the top bunk so that everyone could have their own bed nice and close to the ground – the room was big enough that it didn’t completely block the way through to the bathroom.

Breakfast at the Bricks Restaurant was included in our room rate and we were all up and ready to go by the 7am opening time. This worked out well for us because we walked straight in without having to queue.

Buffet meals aren’t ideal when you have toddler triplets in tow and wouldn’t usually be our first choice – one parent needs to stay with and entertain the kids while the other ends up ferrying various plates of food and drinks in endless trips back and forth to our table, this leaves little time for Mum and Dad to actually sit and eat their own food.

The breakfast buffet was impressive, a mix of local food as well as the more European food choices with all kinds of amazing Lego creations mixed in amongst the displays.

The look of the restaurant is amazing but it was very busy and felt quite crowded, we also noticed on our way out that people were not only queuing but also having to wait for their number to be called to go through to the restaurant.


One of the perks of staying in the hotel is the early access to Legoland and Legoland Waterpark- 30 minutes before the general public. Watch this space for my next post to find out what we got up to in Legoland and at the Waterpark.

Dad carrying all 3 Triplets - Legoland entrance

I’m so glad that we chose to stay at the Legoland hotel when we visited Legoland Malaysia. It meant that we had plenty of time to enjoy both of the parks without feeling rushed, but more than that, it meant that we were totally immersed in the Magical world of Lego for the whole time that we were there.

Have you stayed at the Legoland Hotel Malaysia? Did you enjoy your stay? or are you looking for a great place to take your toddlers on holiday? If so, I’d love to know if this post help you decide. As always, your feedback is much appreciated.






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