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How we chose our latest family holiday.

Holidays with toddler Triplets don’t tend to involve much relaxing. Our last attempt at a holiday was a long weekend in Byron bay, My Mum was staying with us at the time so we had one adult per child….. Sounds easy! ………. unfortunately its  not.

Toddlers are inquisitive creatures and keeping an eye on what they were all up to while they were away from the safety of our home was exhausting.

Tiplet toddlers in a tunnel

When we decided a couple of months ago that it was time for all of us to have a break and go on holiday I must admit that I had visions of chaos and drama, not the peace and serenity that we needed.

We started researching “holidays with kids” and after trawling the internet, asking advice on forums and talking with travel agents we came up with a shortlist of holidays that might work.

1: Carnival Cruise to the Pacific islands.

Positives: No hire car necessary train goes to cruise terminal, kids club on board, All inclusive.

Negatives: Not many rooms that will fit 2 adults with 3 kids, Booked up way in advance.

2: Club Med – Bali.

Positives: Transfer from airport to resort, kids club, All inclusive.

Negatives: Getting 3 toddlers and our bags from airport arrivals to the Transfer Bus…eeek! The only flights available for return are in the evening this would leave us for several hours after checking out with 3 toddlers plus our bags and nowhere to go.

3: Hamilton Island.

Positives: Fly directly to the resort, kids club, kids stay and eat free.

Negatives: Buggy with package only has 4 seats, a lot of renovations going on while we would be there.

The Cruise would have been our top choice but there was just no way we were going to get a room that fit us all in for the dates that we needed. I guess that we will pin this idea to the fridge ready for the next time we get the chance to have a holiday.

Bali seemed like a good idea to start with but there were just too many unknowns. We went to Bali many years ago as backpackers and the thought of trying to manoeuvre 3 toddlers and our bags through that airport doesn’t appeal. Just  going to our local Woolworths with the Trio is a challenge so getting through the Airport in Bali would be a daunting task.

That leaves our final choice Hamilton Island. We were reluctant initially because Hubby and I both used to live and work on Hamilton Island several years ago. But the more we thought about it, the more this seemed like the safe, easy, stress free option. The Island is geared towards families, there’s plenty of fun stuff for Toddlers to do and its only an hour and a half flight from Brisbane.

Off to Hamilton Island we go!!!!

Photo 13-06-2014 2 03 48 pm Alita in Pink hat on Aeroplane

Keep an eye out for my next post when I will let you know how it all went and you can find out if Hamilton Island really is a great place to take the kids on Holiday.



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Thanks Lauren, I would love to catch up with you and your lovely family again some time.
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