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Paradise country

There are several theme parks on the Gold Coast, one that we had never visited until recently was Paradise country. Tucked in behind Movie world this park is designed to offer tourists a taste of the Australian stock farm life.
Our first surprise when we arrived at Paradise Country was the long walk from the car park to the actual park. The trio are at that awkward stage at the moment where they flat out refuse to get into a stroller but they can’t walk for long stretches without a break so by the time we arrived at the shop to pay for our entry the trio were already running out of steam and wanting to be carried.

We were the first guests to arrive that morning and we headed straight to the Animal Nursery for feeding time.
Being the only visitors for feeding time worked out well for us, there were three baby goats that needed a bottle of milk.

As you can see by the pictures this was a real highlight of the day.

Triplet toddlers sitting on chairs bottle feeding baby goats.

Our next stop was the native animal enclosure, this is where the feel of the day changed somewhat. We changed from being visitors to being an extra exhibit. Anyone with Triplets will understand what I’m talking about here. Several coach loads of Asian tourists had arrived at the park. They had spotted the Aussie family with identical Twin boys and were clambering to get their photo taken with (or just near to) us. At one point one of the girls that worked at the park came over and asked them to stop taking photos of us. This continued throughout the day,  we really  should have started charging for photo’s, we would have made a fortune!

After checking out the Koalas we headed across the park to watch the Billy tea being made. The demonstration was obviously aimed at the Asian tourists and after every line we had to wait for the interpreter to translate. We slipped away in the middle and the staff let us try some of the damper bread before the rush. Mikey and Loki thought that the chickens would like to try the Damper as well. They found it hilarious until one of  the bigger ones came a bit too close.

Next was a riding demonstration. Grandma (Ma-Ga) managed to squeeze her way through to the front with Alita who was thrilled to get a high five from “the lady on the Horse.”

The next demonstration was the Stock-men and Sheep dog show. I thought this would be a hit with the trio as they love dogs. We manged to get a seat in the shade and the show started…….with whip cracking. Loki and Alita took it well but Mikey kept saying “scary!” and watched all the rest of the show (including the sheep dog) through the gaps between his fingers.

Everyone was starting to get tired by this point and I was conscious of the long walk back to the car so we skipped the sheep shearing demonstration and called it a day.

Paradise Country is probably not the best park we’ve visited, but having said that the main reason we went was to visit the Animal Nursery which the kids loved.

I’m probably the only person in the park that day who didn’t get  many photo’s of the Celebrity Trio – If we stayed in one place too long the Paparazzi started mobbing us again.

Here are a couple I took before the paparazzi turned up:

triplets checking out baby chicks

Triplets looking through fence at Lambs

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