Supermarket Success

three cheeky toddlers sitting on a matress eating crackers
We’ve had a couple of bad experiences recently with triple tantrums in the middle of shopping centres, so it was with great trepidation that I set off to the supermarket with the trio this morning.

It was one of those close your eyes and jump in feet first decisions. There was nothing urgent on the shopping list so I knew that if everything went pear shaped I could just herd everyone back to the car & head home.
I’m pleased to report that this was not necessary and the promise of a visit to their favourite cafe after the shops kept everyone in good spirits.

The visit to the Spotty cat cafe also went amazingly well, thanks to their wonderful staff.
On arrival there are always 3 child seats available -they have several booster seats with straps as well as several high chairs.
Mini milkshakes or babycinos appear within minutes of us walking through the door as well as activity packs with crayons and stickers and if that isn’t enough to keep everyone busy they also have a stash of kids books and toys to choose from.

three toddlers in highchairs in a cafe eating toast and drinking milkshakes
Of coarse, when I got home I realised that I’d forgotten to buy bread, but today wasn’t about getting all the groceries.
This trip to the supermarket was about regaining the confidence to leave the house with three high octane toddlers in tow.

When you look at it from that perspective there is no doubt that today’s trip to the supermarket was a resounding Success!

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