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Theme Day Thursday – Travel and Holidays – part 2

our fleet of Cardboard aeroplanes and helicopters

We are all getting very excited about our upcoming holiday, Alita, Loki and Michael are proudly announcing (to anyone who will listen) that they are going on holiday to Singapore and Malaysia. This is usually met with an amazed stare and a “Wow” from the person (Waitress/shop assistant/Checkout clerk) that they are talking to.
This week for our Theme day Thursday activities we have been experimenting with making our own Aeroplanes.

First by folding pieces of coloured paper

three paper aeroplanes

Then using toilet roll tubes and lolly sticks

Making paper roll aeroplanes


Next we made some egg carton helicopters (I found this great idea at “The craft train” )

Making and playing with egg carton helicopters

Before going to bed we read a book called “Yoko finds her way” by Rosemary Wells.

Book cover- Yoko finds her way

The story follows a young Cat called Yoko on a trip with her Mama to Japan. She looks at all the signs on her journey to the airport and all the way to the departure gate but then gets separated from Mama. She uses her knowledge of signs to find her way to the Airport Police who reunite her with Mama.

The book is no doubt aimed at slightly older kids but I like the way that the story includes driving to the Airport, going through security and finding the correct gate and it’s never to early to get the kids interested in reading signs.

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Happy travels!

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