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Theme Day Thursdays – Dinosaurs part 1

September is Dinosaur month here at Tripletsinparadise and we’ve already had so much fun with it.
One of my top finds in the lead up to Dinosaur month has to be these Dinosaur cookie cutters from “Cake Boss”.
Cookie cutters in the shape of Dinosaurs
I have used these to make biscuits, to cut mini dinosaur sandwiches, to make watermelon dinosaurs and to make oven baked dinosaur chips so far.
Dinosaur shaped food

We had mini Dinosaur Sandwiches, Dinosaur shaped Bikkies and fruit for afternoon tea today…
Toddlers making and eating dinosaur shaped sandwiches
…and then we helped some little toy dinosaurs hatch from their icy eggs – an Idea suggested on our Facebook page by the lovely Miss Sharna.
Toddlers and a dog trying to get toy Dinosaurs out of ice
– You can find how to make the Dino bikkies and much more by downloading the Theme day kit just by Subscribing.

Today we read:
by Johnny Duddle
dinosaur books
The artwork all the way through this book is fantastic, its what drew my attention to the book in the first place. When I read the Dedication in the front “always follow your own path and don’t listen to Boneheads! Love, Daddy xx” I knew this was going to be a good book.
The story follows a group of young Dinosaurs that have been warned to beware of the “Gigantosaurus” while they play.
The story kept everyone’s attention with lots of Stomp’s and Thud’s and Thump’s and I’ve noticed that since we read the book (a few times!) the boys in particular have started using the correct names for some of their Dinosaur toys – “Mikey stole my Serra-tops!”, “Alita put my Terror-dacle in the water!”
Dinosaur month is going to be a lot of fun!

One Dinosaur related disappointment (for me) I should mention is the fact that “Dinosaur island” has disappeared from Sea world! Thankfully we did go there last year, but I’m sure that Alita, Loki and Mikey would have enjoyed it so much more now that they’re a bit older.

Are there any other dinosaur attractions that we should visit in South East Queensland? Let us know by commenting below or on our Facebook page, and don’t forget to let us know how your Dinosaur activities are going too.

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