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Time for a hair cut

Those of you that have been following us recently may have noticed that the boys hair is in desperate need of a trim.  I’ve become quite comfortable with cutting all those finger and toe nails but there’s no way that I’m about to try my hand at kids hair cutting.

Thankfully a quick call to the lovely Kylie (mobile hairdresser) solved our problem.
Michael was first in the chair & was very cooperative.

Toddler boy having hair cut
Hairdresser holding mirror for toddler boy
Toddler boy holding water spray

Loki was not so sure
Toddler boy with hairdresser
Michael didn’t want to let Loki have look in the mirror.
Toddler boy taking mirror from hairdresser

Alita doesn’t have enough hair for a haircut yet 🙁
toddler girl with hairdresser

“Now we can see what we’re doing. Thank you Kylie”
Identical boys sitting at dining table

Nobody wanted Kylie (or Emma as Michael decided to call her) to leave, Alita even burst into tears when she realised that Kylie was going.
You’ve got your own little fan club here Kylie xx

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