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Toddlers and technology

From a very early age (long before their first birthday) the trio have been obsessed with the iPad and iPhone. I’ve always taken advantage of this and used it as a form of entertainment while we’re on the road.

When we flew to the UK we loaded our iPads up with kids Apps, movies, Baby Einstein and the Wiggles.

Today, the most popular Apps in our house are ABC iView (to keep up with the adventures of Ben and Holly) and Hooked on Phonics (a “learn to read” App which is so popular that I have to strictly monitor who’s turn it is and how long it is until the next person gets to play!)

Toddler boy wearing pj's and smart hat looking at ipad We’ve even invested in an iPad holder that attaches to the car seat headrest so that the trio can be entertained while we drive.

One fateful day when we arrived home in the car I made the costly mistake of allowing Loki to carry the iPad back into the house for me – very bad move! As we stepped through the front door Loki let go of the iPad and it landed face down on the doorstep. I kept my cool and took Loki inside but I still had 2 more toddlers to transfer safely into the house. As I ferried them into the safety of the living room and behind the child gate I clung to the hope that the iPad would still be in one piece. When I Picked up the iPad from the floor, let’s just say that it wasn’t just my hopes that were shattered!

$180 later I now have a new screen – but shortly after replacing the screen the speakers stopped working Aaarrgghhh!

smash screen face#smashscreenface

When I was offered the opportunity to test and review the Saviour Glass Screen Guardian for my iPhone I jumped at the chance. It’s too late for my iPad but my iPhone might still have a chance.

Triplet toddlers sitting on couch with Saviour Glass product in foreground

The Screen Guardian is made from flexible tempered glass rather than the usual plastic film so its actually smash proof (or Anti-Shatter as it says on the box) – exactly what I need after our little mishap!

The Screen Guardian comes in a kit with an alcohol wipe, a microfiber cloth and 2 button stickers (one black and one white). It’s a simple 3 step process to apply the screen protector and then it’s time for the test – handing my precious iPhone over to the trio -eek!

Toddler Triplets sitting on couch, one is playing on iphone, one is reaching out to camera.

Toddler girl in carseat holding out an iPhone

Toddler boys in car seats holding an iPad and an iPhone

I was pleased to see that the touch screen still worked as smoothly as before and after several attempts by my little darlings to steal the phone from each other the screen was indeed still in one piece. I chose not to use the button sticker, it’s the kind of thing that any toddler would take great pleasure in peeling off. I found that the button still works fine without it. The phone looks and feels no different than it did before but now I have the peace of mind of knowing that the screen is now safe.

image If you would like the opportunity to try the Saviour Glass Screen Guardian for yourself you should check out this competition on Instagram:


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