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Travelling with toddler Triplets – Sydney’s Family Funday Sundays.

Family-funday-sunday, Sydney. www.tripletsinparadise.comDuring a recent trip to the NSW Central coast we decided to take advantage of the Family Funday Sunday ticket offered by Transport NSW. We used the ticket to take a Sunday morning Train ride into Sydney with the Triplets, my Brother, Sister-in-Law and their 2 sons.

-TransportNSW offer a Family Funday Sunday ticket which allows you to travel all day on a Sunday for a flat rate of $2.50 on Trains, Ferrys, light rail and Buses. For more details about the ticket click here.

We took a double pram with us so that the trio could take turns in resting their little legs. We purchased our tickets from the machine on the platform and hopped on the train for the 1.5 hour journey to Central station. We then changed onto the light rail, but not before the Grown ups refuelled with take away Coffee’s and we took the first of many trips to the toilet (thanks to all the tiny toddler bladders). My sister in law also took the opportunity to purchase a box of Crispy Creme Donuts for everyone to share. Our first destination was the Darling Quarter kids park and water play area.

There were a few funfair rides just outside the kids park area, Alita, Loki & Mikey enjoyed a ride on the Teacups. Toddler Triplets enjoying a teacup ride We didn’t spend very long in the park area as it was partially under construction. There was a huge slide that was wide enough for all the kids to go down together, but unfortunately it was one of those metal slides which heat up to a ridiculous temperature in the morning sun. Uncle Darren and Aunty Lara took one for the team and went down the slide with the little people on their laps. Family group on "the big slide" Moving through to the wet area, all the kids got changed into their swimmers and went to explore the rivers, pump station, water gates and best of all, the water squirts! This area was the highlight of the day and the kids spent hours playing in the water. Playing with the water squirts at Darling quarter, Sydney Water fun Gradually, one by one, the kids started to get hungry. They got changed into their dry clothes and tucked into the sandwiches that we had brought along with us. By this time it was getting close to lunchtime for the grow ups as well so we set off walking towards the King Street Wharf and found somewhere to stop for lunch on the way. Amazingly, 4 out of the 5 kids slept through the whole meal! Next we headed over to the pier and hopped on a NSW transport ferry across to circular quay. All the kids were awake again but were a bit underwhelmed by their Sydney harbour ferry experience. They did enjoy seeing the big face at the entrance to Luna Park and watching the water frothing up at the back of the ferry. view from the Sydney harbour ferry Dad and Mikey, bridge and opera house At circular quay we watched and took photos with a Didge player, we bought Gelatti from the Gelatti van and took photos in front of the harbour bridge.

By this time, I think we were all a bit tired and ready to head home. We walked across to the Circular quay train station and caught the next train to central station and then on to the North coast line for the journey back to the central coast. Cousins - harbour bridgeThis was a great adventure for the kids, letting them experience several different forms of transport on the same day and all on a ticket that cost less than our morning coffee’s. If you are in the area and stuck for something to do on a Sunday, you should consider having your own Family Fun Day Sunday!

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