We Three are Two

newborn babyOn the 5th of January 2012, after spending four weeks in hospital on bed rest (that included Christmas day, New years eve & my birthday) the day finally came around that our three beautiful babies would be born.

When I look back now I am still amazed at how well my body coped with growing three babies at the same time and at how laid back I was about what was happening. newborn baby

I had no experience with babies at all and couldn’t even comprehend looking after one newborn, let alone three. Perhaps that was a good thing, I had no experiences to draw on so I just chose to go with the flow. When anyone asked me how we were going to cope with three I would answer with a smile “I have no Idea, but we will cope.”newborn baby

Well that was Two years ago and here we are today emerging from the New-born fog and dipping our toes into the waters of the Terrible Twos.


It wasn’t an easy path, but we have indeed coped. We even squeezed in a trip to the UK along the way.

The 5th of January is not just the day that our lives changed forever, its a celebration of the three most adorable toddlers who fill my days with joy (and stretch my patience to its limits).

Happy Birthday Alita, Loki & Michael xxx



triplets blowing out candles on birthday cake


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